Migration of Monarch Butterflies

A kind friend from New York City mailed us a package full of information for tagging migrating Monarch butterflies.

We were curious about their migration so we read a few books and found out that in October, when the cold air begins to blow, the Monarch butterflies leave Canada and travel all the way to Mexico. Our area of Pennsylvania is along one of their migration routes.

We made a map of their path and we also made tiny paper models of Monarch butterflies that we will hang on a branch to represent their arrival at the fir trees in Mexico.

Please remember to keep a watch for any traveling Monarchs. If you see one, please gently catch it in a net, place it in a jar with a slice of orange and bring it to school as soon as possible. We will then attach the sticky tag to its underside and release it so that it may continue its migration south.

A very special Thank You to Katie N's Aunt Ellen for thinking of us here at Datzyk Montessori School.