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"My four-year-old son started at Datzyk this year, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience. Not only is the educational environment the best a parent could hope for, but the social interaction among the children is priceless. The direct, regular communication from the school's Director and his teachers kept us informed and demonstrated their strong commitment to each individual student. His teachers, Miss Capwell and Mrs. Smith, learned exactly what my son needed by observing him closely. They guided and encouraged him to grow, fostered his independence and instilled a sense of responsibility not only to himself but also to his fellow classmates. After looking at the many options in the Lehigh Valley, I truly could not be happier about our decision to enroll our son at Datzyk."

- The Morris Family

"At Datzyk, they truly create a classroom environment designed specifically to facilitate independent learning and exploration for each child. We have two children that attended this past school year, in the 2 year old and 3 year old classrooms. Both children experienced a nice blend of freedom and discipline. Our children gained an awareness of the world around them by exploring other countries, customs, food, music, climate, language, and animals. We believe through the Datzyk education a strong foundation was created in mathematics and in preparation for writing along with independent thinking, logic, and problem solving skills. 

Each of my children have different strengths. At Datzyk Montessori, they are encouraged to continue to learn and grow in each subject at their own pace. The teachers never hold them back and really know how to stimulate their minds and curiosity."

- DMS parent of a 2 & 3 year old

"We returned to the US after many years abroad, and put our 2 yr old daughter in two of the well-known pre-school chains. They were awful and we actually had to keep our daughter home for 3 months because she would scream hysterically when entering the second school. We knew there was no more room for error and researched properly for her next school-Datzyk. Fast-forward 2 yrs later, our daughter loves going to school, is learning to read, write and do basic addition and subtraction. Datzyk has a great diversity of students and she truly loves her teachers and friends! Wonderful dedication on the part of the teachers-Kudos to everyone at Datzyk."

- The Gunton Family

"My husband attended Datzyk over 30 years ago and there was no doubt in our minds, our children would do the same. We would like to take the time to express our sincerest appreciation for the School and most importantly, Dr. Soni and Ms. Knerr. Transitioning from daycare to Datzyk Montessori was essentially a seamless process. Matthias adjusted surprisingly quickly. We attribute his success at the school to the consistency and satisfaction that he had the same two caring teachers the entire year.

I have seen tremendous growth and development in him since attending Datzyk. Not only has he learned how to write and pronounce the alphabet, but he has learned it through what he calls "play." We cannot wait to see how well he will advance this coming fall with all of his friends moving into the three year old class!!"

- The Fenstermacher Family

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