2019-2020 tuition rates

Tuition is payed in ten monthly installments (collected on the first of each month). The rates for each academic session are as follows:

morning session

ten installments of $780
($7,800  per year)

full day session

ten installments of $935
($9,350 per year)

extended session

ten installments of $1,145
($11,450 per year)

Please note that DMS operates on a yearly schedule, with each student enrolled for the entirety of the academic year. The full annual tuition amount will not be prorated in order to accommodate for situations such as vacation. The full amount is divided into 10 installments for your convenience. Individual installments do not represent the amount due for specific months of school, but, rather, count toward the full amount for the academic year.

download the 2019-2020 application.