Music: Part 2

Jacob Maurer spent his second morning with the DMS students yesterday. In each classroom he reviewed what was covered last week. With the 2s and 3s he reviewed "keeping a beat," and the names of various instruments. He introduced the violin this week, and talked to the children about "pitch." The children listened for low and high notes in the music he played, and then they had the opportunity to play low and high notes on his keyboard.

With the 4s and 5s Jacob reviewed the terms "beat," "strumming," "pick," and "bow." He introduced the concepts of "pitch" and "tempo" as well. The children listened, identified, and played low and high notes (pitch), and they were able to distinguish between fast and slow "tempos." The five year olds had a brief introduction to some of Jacob's favorite music; they listened to the tempo and pitch of Bach, Stravinsky (his absolute favorite!), and Taylor Swift! At the end of their class Jacob invited the children to ask him questions. The three top questions and responses were as follows:

  1. When did you become a musician? 
    The first time he played an instrument was at age 11. He told the children that they are starting much, much sooner than he did, and that by the time they are his age, they wil be that much better!
  2. How do you move your fingers on the instruments? 
    Good question, but difficult to answer! Jacob said in the next lesson he will explain the proper way to place the fingers.
  3. What is your favorite instrument? 
    Jacob said his favorite instrument is one that he can't even play! He said his favorite instrument is a bassoon. He has many instruments, but not a bassoon. He promised to either borrow a real one, or get a picture of one to show next week.