AMS Conference 2015


DMS staff are happy to be back in school today after a rather enriching weekend. This is a photograph of most of us in the main conference area in Philadelphia!

We attended many workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and had valuable time to reflect and share experiences with each other.

It was inspiring to be in the company of so many accomplished researchers, practitioners and peers in the Montessori field; not only were we able to learn new techniques and ideas for use in our classrooms and teaching practice, we were also reminded of many reasons to be proud of our daily work.

Maria Montessori sparked an educational movement that is growing more strongly now than ever. She was an incredible female figure - an engineer, a medical doctor, a feminist, an intellectual, an educator...what a wonderful role model!

We have great respect for all of the parents and families who have learned about the Montessori Method and made the choice to expose their children to it, here at DMS, and elsewhere. The method is successful and historical. There are great strides currently being made in research, some of which can be accessed here.

For those of you who are new to the Montessori Method, as well as those of you that are seasonsed, have a look at this article about becoming a Montessori parent - it's well-written and insightful!